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Okay, so this past weekend I've worked a whole heck of a lot of hours...all because the store had inventory today. Whoopee. It actually wasn't as horrendous as I thought it would be. And Fedash wasn't yelling and screaming at everybody. Apparently, it went very well!! The worst thing about it though was having to answer all the inventory people's calls for price checks. May I never have to hear those words again. That was the craziest part. It also went pretty fast, too, well at least what I did, anyways. Fedash had me doing audits, which basically meant that I chose a part of a section assigned to me and count that certain section according to prices. Doing this ensures that the people indeed are counting correctly. For the most part, they were pretty good. I never got exactly what they got, but they got confused easily about what costs what. As long as they weren't any more than $200 under what I got, it was all good. The crappiest thing I had to do though was doing that audit thingy for the Hallmark cards. What a pain. In one tiny 2 or maybe 3 foot section, there was like 550 cards!!!!!!! But, it's all over now and now everyone at the store can go back to being their lazy selves and letting stuff get out of place :).
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